making Alison

The characters in Glassed and Gendered have had a long gestation, if that’s the word.  All my cartoons begin as impulsive reactions – to things I read, see, hear and understand, to situations and particularly in response to visual metaphor.  Visual impulses hover, persist, then settle in my mind before I ever pick up a pencil (poems work the same way for me). The first translations of these impulses to the page are inevitably disappointing, but through laborious repetition those initial impulses finally take meaningful visual form.   In the interests of demystifying my process , here’s the edit of Making Alison.

the glassed and gendered workplace
the first idea for the Glassed and Gendered series – conceived as a spatial arrangement of gendered individuals within the ‘activity space’ (Massey 2005) of the workplace.
Alison skeleton
basics- the skeleton, the shape, the relationship of limbs and head with one another (each figure =7 heads). Forward movement, intentionality, important.
Alison face
face sketches, important to convey age and experience – Alison is a conglomeration of many women I have known in my long HE career.
Alison in peril
getting there now – although Alison is missing her hands and her phone! Pleased with the sense of intensity and intention – and the lack of awareness of the danger she’s in …
Alison on cliff
the final version, still rough around the edges, nothing is fixed …



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