Gender(s) At Work

contemporary research in gender, career and HE

How will you
crack the glass
enclosing some
exposing some
blinding others
to their privilege?
Reflect on it.

This programme offers innovative ways of communicating the findings from contemporary institutional research investigating gendered experiences of work and career in higher education (HE). Suitable for a range of university audiences.

The options below can be delivered as standalone events or in combination. I am happy to discuss creating bespoke combinations and to work with you to meet your specific requirements. Minimum timings are given. There is no charge for these events.

Gender(s) At Work 1: the workplace: glassed and gendered

Presentation of findings from contemporary UK research on gendered experiences of work and career in HE (Carruthers Thomas 2018) involving female, male and gender non-binary staff in academic and professional services roles across the organization. This presentation draws on participants’ narratives and ‘organisational maps’ and is suitable for academic and professional audiences including Advance HE/Athena SWAN and EDI teams. (45 minutes)

Gender(s) At Work 2: mapping career in HE

Participative workshop inviting participants to transform their ‘potted’ career history narratives into visual maps which are then used as tools to jointly reflect on prevailing narratives of ‘career’ in HE including the ‘leaky’ pipeline. Workshop viable with any number of participants and suitable for all staff, in all roles, at all career stages. (60 minutes)

Gender(s) At Work 3: Glass

This unique performance combines poetry and graphics to present selected research findings of gendered experiences of work and career in HE. GLASS comprises four poetic sequences linked by short monologues, set against a graphic backdrop illustrating archetypes of the gendered workplace: glass ceiling, glass escalator, glass cliff and glass closet. Suitable for all HE audiences, including those interested in creative and performative research methods. GLASS is suitable for a range of events and settings (45 minutes inc. introduction, Q&A).

contact / 07752 674149 / @kcarrutherst

Dr Kate Carruthers Thomas is Senior Research Fellow and Athena SWAN Project Manager at Birmingham City University. She specialises in interdisciplinary enquiry into contemporary higher education, inequalities and gender, is an experienced presenter and workshop facilitator and a published poet (Navigation (2018 ) Trio and Other Poets(2015) May Day and other poems (2014).

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