g is for gender – a whistle stop tour!

I  started this blog in March 2017 to reflect on gender from professional and personal perspectives.  The blog is a companion to my academic work in the field of gender, my work with the Athena SWAN (gender equality) charter and my own daily gendered experiences, hilarious, horrendous, hopeful… a way of recording and reflecting on my experiences as a female academic and Athena SWAN project manager in a large UK post-1992 university.  Increasingly, the blog will be reflecting on emerging findings of my current research project: Gender(s) At Work.

I meant to post weekly but in practice, posting became something I only managed to do whenever inspiration, dedication and free time coincided beyond the boundaries of my full time life!  So six months on and at the start of a new academic year, here’s a whistle stop tour of what you may have missed – and a preview of some of the topics and debates I’ll be featuring in 2017-18.

why ‘the g word’?
May 2017
I clearly remember starting in this role and encountering some colleagues’ genuine surprise that gender equality was still an issue – in the university, in the sector, in society in general. ‘Hasn’t all that been dealt with by legislation?’ they asked. …Other colleagues squirmed a bit at the mention of the ‘g’ word or rolled their eyes or even felt the need to tell a dodgy joke. see more

COMING UP:  Gender and TEF! Gender and REF!

Athena SWAN
March 2017
Time is ticking slowly away as we wait for the outcome of the university’s application for an Athena SWAN award. Since November 2016 I’ve progressed … through five post-application stages: Stage One: Utter Relief; Stage Two: Total Nonchalance; Stage Three: Niggling Thoughts; Stage Four: Studied Indifference! Now I’ve reached Stage Five: Counting the Days….Stage Six: Email Hypervigilance awaits! see more

May 2017
Collecting all the data we needed (for Athena SWAN) was an arduous process. Discovering what data we don’t collect in the first place was revealing. Presenting data which inconvertibly demonstrates the outcomes of structural embedded, tacit, unconscious gender inequality throughout the organisation has proved shocking – and constructive. This too is our starting point. see more

COMING UP!  Does Athena SWAN rely on the goodwill and free labour of female staff?

Gender(s) at Work
June 2017
As my current research gender(s) at work is revealing, little has changed in the underlying structure of the work environment of higher education. Universities and the academy in general still reflect the deeply internalised dualisms of Western thought … of academic work predicated on the absence of responsibility for others and social roles constructed masculine and feminine. see more

the glassed and gendered workplace
July 2017
In an unexpected development I’ve begun using cartooning to explore the embodiment of those  familiar metaphors – glass ceiling, glass cliff, glass escalator and twitter hashtags #glassedandgendered and #painsofglass to engage in discussion with a wider audience  see more

COMING UP!  More on performative modes of reporting and presenting research data.

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